General HVAC

No two projects are identical, so we will size and configure your HVAC system for the highest efficiency, meeting SMACNA standards. Because commercial and industrial buildings encompass a variety of spaces that need separate climate control—office space, showrooms, work garages, computer rooms, kitchens, warehouses, etc. — we will zone each space appropriately to keep your operating costs under control.

Industrial Exhaust

When you need to control indoor pollutants and improve air quality, U.S. Sheet Metal, Inc., can design and install an industrial ventilation system to meet your needs. Whether your issue is humidity, dust, toxic fumes or extreme temperatures, we’ll find a solution.

Make-Up Air

When exhaust air cannot be re-circulated, U.S. Sheet Metal, Inc., will design a make-up air system to replace the depleted air with fresh air. We can also design the system to provide tempered air from outside.

Clean Rooms

HVAC systems for clean room applications require technical expertise. U.S. Sheet Metal, Inc., has the expertise for the most technically demanding clean environment. From design to installation, we can meet your specifications in providing exceptional air quality.

Air Balance

Air balance inspections measure your HVAC system’s performance. Too much or too little air circulation can indicate that your system isn’t performing optimally. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your HVAC, identify any issues with air balance and correct them. Schools, medical facilities, retirement homes and similar institutions all have a special need to provide comfortable air balance.

Fire Life Safety

The same system that provides ventilation to control air quality can feed a fire when the smoke and fire dampers fail. Fortunately, U.S. Sheet Metal, Inc., is ICB-certified to inspect systems. The International Certification Board is recognized by ANSI (American National Standards Institute). We also check and maintain proper air pressure so emergency exits remain operable. Your system will meet the National Fire Protection Association Codes and Standards.

Fabrication/Custom Fabrication

If it can be fabricated from aluminum, steel or stainless steel sheet metal, U.S. Sheet Metal, Inc., can make it. We fabricate everything from safety guards for machinery to material handling equipment, such as conveyors, to stainless steel tables and countertops for medical institutions.


When a complex system breaks down, finding the problem and fixing it quickly is essential. U.S. Sheet Metal, Inc., won’t waste any time in getting you up and running. We understand that time is money.

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