CUSTOM Fabrication

With today’s equipment and technology, it’s easier than ever to manufacture multiple identical parts from sheet metal. If you need standard parts, sheet metal fabrication is your answer.

But if what you need is anything but standard, sheet metal fabrication could still be your answer.

Custom fabrication is an affordable solution to the age-old problem of fitting a square peg into a round hole. The tools of our trade can turn a piece of sheet metal into almost any object you need. Making a one-of-a-kind product is no problem!

Whether you’re starting new or retrofitting, US Sheet Metal, Inc. can manage your project from start to finish. All of our sheet metal fabrication services are available for custom fabrication work, for designing, manufacturing, installing and repairing.

two heads are better than one

If that adage is true, let’s put our heads together to find the best custom solution to your problem. Whether what you need is only an idea at this stage or something you’re not even sure is possible, come talk to us.

We’re in the business of turning ideas into products made from metal. Sheet metal fabrication is in our DNA. If you can describe what you need, we’ll replicate it in metal.

If the issue is a non-standard size component, with custom fabrication, we’ll deliver the unique dimensions you need.


Every tool in the arsenal

These steels contain alloys of nickel, copper, chromium, and/or aluminum. We have an array of equipment that allows us to manipulate a plain sheet of metal into an infinite variety of shapes. We can cut, fold, bend, press, stamp, punch, weld, join.

put us to the test

At US Sheet Metal, Inc., we enjoy a good challenge! No custom fabrication project is too big or too small for us to tackle. Give us a call, and together, we’ll find the perfect answer to your problem.